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This project could not exist if not for the amazing people, hosts and pilgrims, who take part. Please, consider submitting a testimony regarding your experience so that others may learn and perhaps become inspired to get involved. Who knows? Your testimony might end up on the website like the ones below.

Thanks! Message sent.

Thank you for letting us host these amazing young men, we really enjoyed them, their love for Jesus was contagious, I'll keep praying for them. 


Let us know about any future Pilgrimages.

I would like to thank you for organizing such a prayerful Mission Pilgrimage. I personally felt that was so much fruitful for me in so many different ways. 

They were an absolute pleasure to have here and I know Lonnie thought the same. The future of our Church is in good hands with young men like these answering God’s call to serve.

I want to thank you both again for making this a reality...

More of these! Please! 


Thank you for your witness to our Catholic faith!

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