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How to Make a "Walking with the Saints 2020" Pilgrim Pledge Video in 5 Easy Steps

(Yours truly giving it a shot.)

  1. Introduce yourself/your family/your crew. Feel free to include shoutouts to any Catholic groups with which you are connected - parishes, schools, organizations, ministries, etc.

  2. State with which saint you are walking in October (name a date) and why.

  3. Invite others to join you wherever they are in making a walked pilgrimage with the saint.

  4. “[Name of saint], pray for us.”

  5. Share with us and others on Facebook and Instagram, tagging those you would like to see join you. We're @moderncatholicpilgrim for both. #PilgrimPledge #WalkingwiththeSaints #CommunionofSaints

If you want an example, check out the pledge videos on our YouTube playlist.

Funny hats, pet appearances, exotic locales, all are fair game in bringing attention to your saint. You are also welcome to be as bland as I am in the screenshot above. It takes all types to build community as the communion of saints.

All Saints, pray for us.

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