About The Founders

Will F. Peterson – Experienced firsthand radical Catholic hospitality on trips to Iowa and North Dakota during college. Recognized that American Catholicism contains a multitude of people willing to open their doors to travelers. Made pilgrimage to Rome for Pope Francis’s first Easter. Felt the immense power of a physical journey of faith shared with others. Taught for two years in an under-resourced Catholic high school in Memphis, TN. Saw the limiting effects of not having the opportunity to come into contact with people who may have shared beliefs, but different views and experiences of life. Currently, a middle school English teacher at St. Therese Academy in San Diego. In 2017, he presented at the College of William and Mary’s Symposium for Pilgrimage Studies and was a Daggy Fellow at the International Thomas Merton Society Conference. He spoke at the "Awakening the Creative Spirit" Conference October 2018 honoring Thomas Merton. His topic was Merton and pilgrimage.

First Pilgrimage - Mike Allen Radio Show
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Starting at the 12:45 mark, Will explains in an interview on the Mike Allen Radio Show what led him to found the project and what the plans were for the first pilgrimage.

David Cable – Eagle Scout with experience backpacking throughout North and South America. Realized powerful lessons in humility and hospitality through traveling with others in unfamiliar territory. Encountered God’s glory within the wilderness of His creation. Taught social studies and religion for two years at a high-poverty parochial school in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. Witnessed the strength and generosity of a tight-knit and generous community within a poverty-stricken area. Currently, working in research for a prominent software company.