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Pilgrimage Calendar

This page is dedicated to all the pilgrimages people pledge to make with MCP in 2021-2022. We will keep it updated with the pilgrimages MCP hosts as well as with the pilgrimages MCP pilgrims make on their own while using MCP resources. If you see a pilgrimage about which you want to learn more, please reach out to Will F. Peterson at

At any time, you may register a pilgrimage you are making with us so that we can do whatever you need to help you make the most of your journey and can share it with the wider community.

2021 Schedule

The pilgrimages listed below as "open" can be registered for by anyone interested. Please, email Will F. Peterson ( to learn more.


October 1st-31st - Walking with the Saints (See “Walking with the Saints 2020” page for last year’s project)

October 8th-11th - Young Adult Pilgrimage to Mepkin Abbey (Charleson, SC / Open)

October 14th-16th - Walking Together: A Pilgrimage for Racial Justice (Louisville, KY / Open)

October 30th - Pilgrimage to the National Shrine of St. Martin de Porres (Memphis, TN / Open)

October 24th - Pilgrimage to Saint Mary of the Lake (Chicago, IL / Open)

November 6th - St. Martin de Porres Pilgrimage (Minneapolis, MN / Open)

December 4th - Third Annual Augustinian Advent Pilgrimage (San Diego, CA / Open)


March 2nd-5th - Archdiocese of Denver Seminarians’ Missions Pilgrimage (Southern California)

March 19th - Saint Augustine High School Juniors’ Pilgrimage (San Diego, CA)

May 1st-31st - 500 Pilgrims for Mary

May 1st - The Way of St. Joseph (South Bend, IN)

June 12th - Diocese of San Diego Young Adult Pilgrimage

July 27th-28th - Bl. Stanley Rother Pilgrimage (Oklahoma City, OK / Closed)

September 5th-11th - Wisconsin Way (Our Lady of Good Help to Holy Hill, WI / Closed)

September 18th - Pilgrimage to the National Shrine of St. Francis of Assisi (San Francisco, CA / Open)

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